Do You Have Questions ?

Yes, you can, only if you can fulfill the institution’s requirements you are planning to study. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us or visit us for specific queries. Our consultants will assist you in determining your eligibility for various programs and advise you accordingly.

The cost varies. So read the program/course information on your preferred institution’s websites. Our counselors are here to support you with guidance on the courses and locations that best meet your preferences.

  • Consider your academic interests and professional objectives.
  • Spend some time researching specific courses, disciplines, and internship or work placement opportunities.
  • Examine the location of the school, rankings, and the total cost of studying and living.
  • Check the country’s economic, political and social stability.
  • Consider your preferred lifestyle: do you want to live in a bustling metropolis or a peaceful country town?

While choosing what and where to study, Anchored International counselors will be able to advise you about the courses, institutions, and locations that best suit your needs.

The experience can significantly boost your professional possibilities since it opens the door for you to learn various new skills, get unique views, and improve your English language skills.

Starting as soon as feasible is recommended. If you start earlier, you will have enough time to research your interests and personal and academic objectives. So, make at least a one-year plan.

We are, of course, available to assist you at any time during the procedure

You can apply for scholarships to support your studies. The quantity and availability differ depending on the study level and institution. As scholarships are competitive, you will need to show that you’ve excelled in the classroom. Scholarships and grants are also available from governments and other organizations to assist overseas students in funding their studies.

Please chat with one of our counselors about the numerous scholarships available for your selected course and university.

Working while studying may be a beneficial addition to your academic life. You may be able to work while on an international student visa if you are pursuing a degree. Before you start paid-working, please double-check that your visa permits it.

We recommend starting the application process at least a year ahead of time to have enough time to prepare yourself well for everything.

While you may apply to study at a university or school directly on your own, you may want to hire an international education consultant to help you choose the best university or school and enroll.

Consulting with an accredited and trustworthy agency like Anchored International may help alleviate the burden of selecting institutions, applying for suitable degrees, and preparing to go.

Our student counselors are well-informed on curricular changes and look out for your best interests. The majority of them have studied abroad and can provide first-hand help at every stage.

Yes! It is free. To schedule an appointment with Anchored International, you do not have to pay anything.
Feel free to contact us through our hotline or visit our office in person to meet our experts and talk about your aspiration regarding the study or working abroad.

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