Free Counselling

If you just got your first thought about moving abroad for study or job or business last night, you are welcome to call us or visit our office for free counseling. Our counselors have a thorough knowledge and vast experience in different kinds of visa processing.  

Visit our website and get yourself an appointment with one of our experts in Anchored International. You can click on the tab of Free Counselling, which will redirect you to a page to fill in your name, email address, phone number, and a brief about your case. 

You can also give a call to (+880) 1621971535 for a free counseling appointment. 

What will you achieve by free counseling? Well, it’s a start to your next phase of technical procedures of migrating into your desired country for education, job, or business purpose. 

If you aim to higher studies abroad, an expert counseling team will enlighten you about ideal courses, institutions, and countries to meet your requirements. If you are occupied in a profession, the expert team will guide you through the outline of potential jobs, pay scales, reliable companies, desired countries, etc. 

Simply put, free counseling is a vital step to put your concern at ease about any migration consultancy service, and Anchored International understands it clearly. So, contact us today without any delay for free counseling regarding your study, job, or business ambitions. 

We await your call or visit to our premises.