Management Bio

Mamun Hasan,
Managing Director, Anchored International

Message from Managing Director

I heartily welcome you to Anchored International as the Managing Director of the country’s one of the best educational consultancy and migration agencies. From my understanding of today’s global competitive education and job scenario, I lead Anchored international to facilitate excellent academic and career options abroad.

With a team of people with experience in the relevant sectors, we aim at standing as one of the top globally proclaimed education consultancy and migration agents within a short period. I proudly say that all my existing clients are well-satisfied with the service from me and my teammates. More importantly, the success of my clients around the globe is the biggest motivation behind the continuation of this agency.

 We are confident that the quality of service that our team provides today is the strength that will lead us towards our goal as a company. The core characteristic is identifying and responding to the changing situation of the overseas education and migration sector across the globe.

Under my close supervision, the counselor at Anchored International provides personalized services to every aspiring international student or people planning to settle abroad. At the beginning of the process, our consultants will understand your profile and provide you with suggestions about your studies or job. This team will also assist you in selecting the best university or workplace with worldwide recognition and offering excellent education and career prospects. Moreover, the team of specialists will help you prepare all the required documents to apply for the visa. Once the university or company sends an acceptance letter, we still support our clients with accommodation, lifestyle, managing finance, etc.

All of the qualities mentioned above are the fundamental values that lead us towards our clients’ success, which we consider our success. We can realize how precious it is for you to undertake education in the world’s best institutions or work in the best countries around the globe. 

I invite you to pay a visit and talk to our consultants before you go somewhere else.  

Jahidul Hasan Russel,
Executive Director, Anchored International

Message from Executive Director

I feel humbled and proud simultaneously to convey my regards and gratefulness to our efficient management, executives, consultants, partners, and clients who have made Anchored International a successful brand for higher studies job-seeking consultancies abroad. As a higher official of the organization, I value such a vast effort vehemently. 

Anchored International has acquired connections and contracts with some of the world’s quality educational institutions and high-profile companies, where we can reliably send students and job seekers. As our higher studies academic partners, we have officially enlisted the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, etc. As for the high-paying and standard-living countries, Romania, Italy, Malta, Latvia, Poland, etc., are on our list.

Our proactive management and energetic executive teams work tirelessly to bring the country’s best educational and job solutions. Those concerned about quality education, thorough research, and better comprehension of the subject can come to our highly experienced admissions consultants into the world’s best colleges and universities. The same goes for ambitious job seekers who want to have better opportunities with the top companies and industries in the world. They, too, can contact us for viable solutions and procedures. 

Anchored International may not have covered a large portion of the potential human resource of Bangladesh yet. Still, with your continuous support and positive promotion of our endeavors, we can significantly impact our resourceful young generation. We are committed to excelling in our enterprise by enhancing our quality and expertise. We have the vision to provide the country with the best foreign education, job opportunity, and migration service.

We already have a system of elaborate technical procedures that our expert consultants and executives delegate. We urge, and they observe, the necessity of comprehensive student consultancy with our country’s concerned parents and students. Hence, we put our clients’ common queries at the top of our priority list. 

Our testimonials are the proofs and motivations at the same time to substantiate and push our services for the better every day. Those who have already migrated to world-class universities, colleges, or big companies through our consultancy services have made us proud and believe in our qualifications. Their testimonials speak for our commitment and quality. 

Lastly, I again thank our management and executive teams for their achievements while urging them to carry on with the good works. I invite the lovely parents, enthusiastic students, and aspiring migrators to Anchored International’s premises to have a broader picture of the current world’s educational background and the competitive job market. 

I will wait for your visit.

Md.Mahmudul Hasan,
Chief Executive Officer, Anchored International

Message from Chief Executive Officer

My warm and hearty regards to the team of Anchored International and its loyal clients in Bangladesh for our thriving foreign education and job consultancy operations. Its significant impact on the country’s aspiring students and job seekers has made us believe that we are making a positive statement in the business.
Since its launch, Anchored International has aimed to reach out to the best international universities and colleges while collaborating to ensure effective cross-cultural educational activities for Bangladeshi students. We have successfully attained access to a few of the high-standard-living countries in the world for those who dream of settling their careers abroad.

I cannot be more satisfied and grateful to have a magnificent visionary management team in Anchored International. We ideate, plan, and assign complex and effective foreign education and work consultancy projects. Here comes the effort of our team of educated, trained, and expert consultants and executives who tirelessly carry out our visions. These people are the true assets of Anchored International. They put their best effort into converting the potential human resources of Bangladesh into gemstones through foreign education and work opportunities of international standards. We are also grateful to our strategic partners, who have believed in our enterprise and made our efforts credible to our clients.
We understand the importance of higher education and better job opportunities, considering our country’s limited resources and infrastructure. Hence, we collaborate with the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, etc., for those who aim for higher studies abroad while acquiring visas for Italy, Malta, Romania, Netherlands, etc., for the ambitious job seekers in Bangladesh.
Our philosophy of foreign education and job opportunity is not an “all-encompassing” one. We don’t apply the same technical requirements and procedures to each client we come across. Our specialized consultants can tailor the requirements and procedures for individual needs and process the function accordingly for each foreign country. It makes our operation elaborate but our clients comfortable and happy.
We look forward to pulling the stream of the potentially resourceful young generation to process their foreign education and job requirements for successful migrations. So, I call upon you to visit our experts and thoroughly discuss your ambitions regarding higher studies, job seeking, or migration into foreign countries.
I look forward to receiving your kind visit soon.